How it works

For muscle fans

You know the scenario - there's someone online that you idalise or fantasise about. You can't get enough of them. You're a huge fan.

You scroll through their Instagram every day and you've watched all of their YouTube videos.

You try to support them but you still want to see more.

Now you can!

With you can subscribe to their Fan Club!

You'll get to see exclusive content from them that isn't posted anywhere else. Videos and photos that are too naughty for Facebook, but by showing your support, you get unlimited access to it all.

Are you their #1 fan? Join their Fan Club and find out!

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For bodybuilders

This sport is expensive! We know! The huge grocery bills, the over-priced supplements and gym memberships - not to mention the hours you need to spend training.

And then there are your fans. You love them all. You wouldn't be where you are today without them. But keeping everyone happy and knowing who your loyal supporters are can be difficult.

Now you can earn money and give your loyal fans more of what they like with your own Fan Club at

You post regular photos and videos - exclsuive content made only for your Fan Club. The kind of stuff that you wouldn't post on your socials, but you know your fans would love to see!

Your fans pay a monthly fee to be a member of your Fan Club and in return, they get to see the exclusive content you've made for them.

Monthly income for you. More content for your fans. Everyone's happy!

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